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About Us

Maintercept (Pty) Ltd is a South African Company that has revolutionised the employment sector by developing an innovative App with the potential to reduce unemployment on a national and global scale.

Conceptualized in Johannesburg in 2018, Maintercept Mobile App challenges the status quo by providing transformative technology that advances the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Our Vision is to be a leader in job creation and provide quality maintenance services for all properties.

Our Mission is to provide a reliable online platform where property owners and tenants can source Technical Service Personnel for property maintenance.

The efficiency of our App is evident in our Slogan Quick Touch, Easy Find!’

Kabelo Mocwane, Pr Eng

GCC (Factories), BSc (Eng), MSc (Eng), MSAIEE, MIEEE


Mr Kabelo Mocwane, the Founding Director of Maintercept (Pty) Ltd is a Professional Engineer registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa, and a Certified Engineer with the Department of Labour.

Mr Mocwane has over 14 years of extensive engineering experience and an educational background that boasts a BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering obtained from the University of Cape Town in 2004 and 2010 respectively. He has an interest in Power Systems, Renewable Generation, Facility Maintenance and Construction Management.